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Congratulations to the 2012 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge Semi-Finalists!

The 2012 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge received an abundance of submissions this year, and choosing from the innovative ideas was no easy feat. Congratulations to the five semi-finalists!

Selected by our seven esteemed judges, these concepts demonstrate the clear ability to improve the quality, delivery, and cost of diabetes care. Here’s a brief overview of each team:

Diabetes 3.0

Helps patients and health care providers collect, aggregate, store, analyze, and display a comprehensive set of diabetes-related data wirelessly and in real-time from various device sources with the goal of achieving better control of patients’ blood sugars.

Team Lead: Aaron Neinstein
Location: San Francisco, CA


A web-based real-time video platform for patients to visit with a registered dietitian, registered nurse and a diabetes educator either individually or in small groups to reduce ER visits, improve lifestyle changes, improve glucose levels, address weight management and improve quality of life.

Team Lead: Chris Gay
Location: Chicago, IL

Activity-Based Integrated Data Model

A dynamic database and feedback system that integrates activity that affects blood glucose utilizing the single best measure of activity, the heart rate, to improve blood glucose control.

Team Lead: Jim Stritzinger
Location: Columbia, South Carolina


An Interactive mobile system that monitors and enables patients, caregivers and pharmacists to collaborate and successfully implement treatment action plans.

Team Lead: David Parpart
Location: Sunnyvale, CA

n4a Diabetes Care Center

Uses predictive analysis to isolate and target patients based on cost patterns and risk profile to provide them with supports/services designed to slow the progression of the disease, improve the quality of health and slow the spending associated with a patient’s health.

Team Lead: Sandra Markwood
Location: Washington, D.C.

Each of the five semi-finalists will receive $20,000 to develop their prototypes, in addition to receiving mentorship from industry leaders in topics including user experience, design, business modeling, and technology architecture. During the next month, they’ll also participate in an exciting design bootcamp, as they refine their concepts for the next phase of the Innovation Challenge.

Curious to know who has the next big idea in diabetes care? Stay tuned for information about the 2012 Innovation Challenge Demo Day! Each of the five semi-finalists will pitch their concepts during a live event in New York on May 16th that will be broadcast online. Join us for the event, or watch the online videos for an inside look at the innovative concepts. Visit for the latest updates!